Our Projects

It's the nature of the movie beast: everything's super-secret until it's yesterday's news. So, please forgive us if we seem coy about some projects. Attaching top-quality producers, directors and actors is a delicate business, often requiring great discretion. Most of the projects below belong to the original Derby Street Films fund (DSF i). DSF II also has projects in development, and DSF III is currently attracting investment.

In The Blood But we can tell you, with great pleasure, about In The Blood, starring Gina Carano. After wrapping on-time and on-budget in Puerto Rico, the movie is in post-production. Excitement and momentum are building round the picture and its star, and there will be a theatrical release at the beginning of next year (2014).
Blood Mountain Sergey Bodrov, who did a great job with Mongul, is to direct Blood Mountain, an Afghan-based adventure story about a US soldier and an Afghan national. The script is currently being rewritten to take account of the director's notes. Once done, casting will go ahead - and production is provisionally slated for India in the fall of 2013.
Arabian Nights We're waiting on some permissions from the Chinese authorities, as Arabian Nights, a re-make of the epic movie, heads for first day of principal photography. Depending on cast, we're hoping to get this into production by the fall of 2013.
Shadowmancer Shadowmancer was originally envisaged as a two-part television miniseries of GP Taylor's best-selling novel. But it's evolved during the development process into a feature film. The director is in place, and financing almost complete. We expect to go into production before the end of the year.
Queen of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds is a London-based 1960s gangster movie, directed by the internationally acclaimed Catherine Hardwicke, whose credits include Twilight. Catherine is working with a new writer on the script, and casting for the movie is expected to go ahead in June, with production scheduled for the end of 2013 or early 2014.
Other Projects Recoil, an action thriller based in New Orleans, is under consideration by a major director. How To Get Over A Guy In 10 Days will be directed by JC Khoury (The Pill). Parental Consent is a psychological thriller, with a female protagonist. For news on investment in DSF III and the progress of DSF II's projects, click here.