A reprise of recent news stories about Derby Street Film fund projects Clapper

The projects on this page are in development with our second fund, DSF II, unless otherwise stated. Scroll down for a brief update on the progress of the latest fund, DSF III.

Variety splashes exclusively as director John Moore comes on board for the making of The Englishman. And more detail from trade-press Coming Soon.

Front page of Screen International at Cannes - deal with Oscar-winning James Marsh, co-developing and producing The Girl With The Clock Heart.

Land of the Living is being written by Olivier Megaton (Taken 2). A female lead is being attached. Production slated for summer, in Miami. 

Club Fed will star Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief) and Vince Vaughn. The script is by Peter Steinfeld (21 and Analayze That). 

The Englishman will be directed by John Moore (A Good Day to Die Hard). Scripted by Bill Wisher (Terminator 2), the film will be shortly be cast, with production slated for the fall of 2013.

Shotgun Cinderella is an action thriller, which will star Gina Carano (Haywire, Fast and Furious 6 - and In The Blood). Gina's notes are being incorporated in the script, and we hope to get this film into production before the end of 2013.  

Background - The UK's Independent looks at our business model ahead of the Cannes festival of 2012. An earlier greeting from Variety. Again in Britain, as seen in The Guardian. The Sunday Telegraph opines on our second fund...

'It's all about taking a book and making that into a script, or just an original idea and creating a script.'

Nicola talks to The Motley Fool

"When the movie gets made, we get paid." And to The Investors Chronicle

'It's very definitely good news for the British film industry.' In conversation with the London Evening Standard.


Press Release

Derby Street Films announces the launch of Derby Street Films III

Following the success of its first two vehicles, Derby Street Films is launching its third fund, Derby Street Films III Limited (DSFIII)

DSF III is looking to raise £2 million, which will be invested in 25 film projects over three years. As with the first two vehicles, the focus will be on developing projects with major Hollywood producers and directors. The new vehicle has preliminary approval from HMRC in the UK, thus allowing investors to gain tax benefits under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.