About Derby Street Films

Derby Street Films is doing what every successful business tries to do: identify a gap in the market and cater for the unsatisfied demand.

Changing dynamics in the film industry have resulted in an acute shortage of development capital for new projects. This presents the opportunity for a dedicated development business, which is currently composed of three vehicles - Derby Street Films, Derby Street Films II and Derby Street Films III.


A The major Hollywood studios no longer dominate the industry in terms of the number of films made. The studios still have effective control of the high end of the market - the big movie, the Hollywood Blockbuster with a huge budget in the hundreds of millions. But independent producers have proved themselves to be more efficient at making small and medium-sized films.
B Budget cuts have precipitated this polarization. Short of money in recent years, the big studios have chosen to focus on a smaller number of blockbuster projects. In the main, the studios rely on independent producers or third parties to bring them developed projects to co-produce or distribute. Independent producers generally lack the resources required to conduct crucial development work.
This is the market gap that Derby Street Films has identified.